Earn ₹10 for every 10 bills you upload!
Earn cashback on all your shopping activities. Whether you shop at a grocery store, a pharmacy, or a restaurant, simply take a photo of your bill and upload it to CashBill.

Here's what you need to know:
  1. We pay ₹10 for every 10 unique bills from your own purchase.
  2. The bill must be clear and legible, with good photo quality, so we can see all the items and information.
  3. Bills must contain the merchant's GSTIN number to be eligible, as this is a unique identifier for businesses registered under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system in India. We do not accept bills without a GSTIN number or handwritten bills.
  4. We do not accept bills that have been previously uploaded by you or another user.
  5. You can upload as many bills as you want, but we will only pay cashback for every 10 bills 3 times a month (30 bills in total).
  6. On the home screen, there is a counter that shows your cashback earnings for the current month. Every month, this counter resets, giving you a fresh opportunity to earn up to ₹30 by uploading 10 bills 3 times a month (30 bills in total).
Make sure that your bill is NOT:
- a gas station receipt,
- cash withdrawal receipt from an ATM,
- a transaction slip from purchases with banking cards.

Get started now! Upload your bills using the "Add Bill" button and start earning cashback today.