Cashback Rate: 5.6% for any purchases

Average cashback waiting time: 58 days

To earn cashback, click the blue button on the offers screen, and you'll be taken to the Happilo website to shop for gourmet healthy food products. Cashback will appear in the "Expected cashback" field on your profile screen within 1 day after your purchase and will be available for withdrawal once the store confirms the transaction.

About company:
Happilo is a gourmet healthy food brand based in Bangalore. Since 2016, they have been offering a wide range of delicious and nutritious products, including nuts, berries, trail mixes, roasted and salted mixes, chickpeas, peanuts, corn, and flavorful seeds. Happilo has built its reputation by providing customers with a premium range of gourmet healthy snacking options. Enjoy a tasty and wholesome snack experience with Happilo's exceptional offerings.