Cashback Rate: 14% on any purchases

Average cashback waiting time: 77 days

To earn cashback, click the blue button on the offers screen, and you'll be taken to the Kapiva website or app to shop as usual. Cashback will appear in the "Expected cashback" field on your profile screen within 7 days after purchase and will be available for withdrawal once the store confirms the purchase.

About company:
Kapiva specializes in providing a range of high-quality, authentic, and pure Ghee, Honey, Juices, Teas, Oils, and other products. They prioritize selective sourcing and emphasize purity and authenticity in their offerings. For example, their Aloe Vera is sourced from the best in Rajasthan and extracted within just 4 hours of harvesting. They use only A2 Milk for their Desi Ghee, ensuring maximum nutrition. Their Wild Honey is unfiltered and unprocessed, coming straight from dense forests. Every Kapiva product is meticulously sourced with one objective: to bring it to you just the way Nature created it.