Level shoes
Cashback Rate:
New Customer — 9.23%
Old Custumer — 4.61%

Average cashback waiting time: 63 days

To earn cashback, click the blue button on the offers screen, and you'll be taken to the website to search for and purchase. Cashback will appear in the "Expected cashback" field on your profile screen within 7 days after purchase and will be available for withdrawal once the store confirms the transaction.

About company:
Level Shoes is a luxury footwear brand based in Dubai that offers a wide range of designer shoes from over 200 global brands. It is one of the largest luxury shoe stores in the world, occupying over 96,000 square feet of space. Level Shoes provides a unique shopping experience with interactive digital installations and personalized services such as shoe styling and customization. The brand also offers an exclusive selection of limited-edition and hard-to-find designer shoes. Level Shoes is recognized as a leading destination for luxury footwear and has won several awards for its exceptional customer service and retail experience.