Slurrp Farm
Cashback Rate: ₹280 for any purchases

Average cashback waiting time: 95 days

To earn cashback, click the blue button on the offers screen, and you'll be taken to the Slurrp Farm website to shop for healthy food products for your children. Cashback will appear in the "Expected cashback" field on your profile screen within 1 day after your purchase and will be available for withdrawal once the store confirms the transaction.

About company:
Slurrp Farm is on a mission to build the most loved health food brand for children. Their products are made with supergrains like millets - ragi, jowar, bajra, foxtail millet, amaranth - that are packed with essential micronutrients. Combined with natural flavors, Slurrp Farm's offerings feel light in the tummy and taste delicious too! They strongly believe that no mother should compromise on health or taste when it comes to feeding her child, and that is the Slurrp Farm promise. Discover their range of nutritious and tasty products for your little ones today.